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The Differences Between Medical Skincare & Over The Counter Skincare

Over the counter skin care products can be cost effective but if you're wondering why you haven't had success or seen any improvement here is a list of reasons why.

Medical Skincare VS. Over the counter

It's all in the definition of each category and the FDA divides skincare into 2 separate categories: cosmetics (over-the-counter) and pharmaceutical (medical). The over-the-counter skincare is defined as "applied" to skin. Whereas medical skincare is defined as affecting the structure and function of skin. So when you are choosing over the counter you are really only treating the surface of the skin the epidermis and not addressing the concerns at a deeper level. As for medical skincare products they offer a delivery system to penetrate the skin, allowing more potent ingredients to penetrate at a deeper level the dermis. This is where collagen producing cells live. In order for you to see a real change in your skin it's the dermis level that needs to be impacted.

Medical products are required by law to have 99% pure active ingredients. Because medical skincare has FDA oversight they are required to have actual clinical studies to back up their claims, while over-the-counter products do not. 

Medical skincare can only be prescribed by a trained medical professional. These professionals have gone through extensive training on each individual product. This benefits the consumer because it takes the guess work out of which products are meant for their skin type. Whereas drug store products have to work broadly on all skin types.

At Elaine's Medical Aesthetics we offer free consultations where a proper skin analysis is done. We discuss your goals and concerns, then review current and future skin care needs. With your objectives in mind, we discuss potential pharmaceutical-grade products and aesthetic services that provide optimal results. 

So, click the "Shopping" link below, and take a look at our online store. If you don't know where to start then book your free, no obligation, consultation today!. We are happy to discuss solutions for existing concerns as well as preventative treatments.

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