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Here's some of the reasons why you should be getting facials regularly

It's important to make taking care of your skin a priority. Why? you may ask... Even if at the moment you seem to be happy with your skin, getting consistent facials by an aesthetician can help prevent future skin care concerns that may appear. Whether it be seasonal sensitivities, hormonal breakouts or the first signs of aging.

Facials in your early 20's

When your young and don't have problem prone skin like acne you can get facials less frequently. Seeing young skin generates new cell growth faster then your biggest priority is a good skin care regime. With the help of your aesthetician they can guide you in the right direction. By keeping you clear of black heads and addressing your skins needs at least a facial once a season is recommended.

How Often should you get facials in your 30's, 40's & after?

In your 20's you can start to notice the first signs of aging. This is the beginning of fine lines and does differ from person to person depending on life style as well as genetics. In your 30's our skin begins to lose volume and elasticity. Frown lines between our eyebrows start to appear. Laugh lines around the nose and mouth are more pronounced. This is because our cell renewal process slows down and our collagen and elastin decrease and become weaker. At this time once a month facial is recommended, provided your skin care discipline at home is carefully worked out.

The kind of benefits you'll receive from getting a facial

Aside from the beautiful relaxation that relieves stress, facials provide more. Facials renew the health of your skin. Removing dead cells and clearing of clogged pores, and providing hydration to parched skin. Facial massages are for more then just relaxation. They aid in blood circulation and provide lymphatic drainage. During a facial a proper skin analysis is done to advise the appropriate skin care that will address your concerns and needs.

At Elaine's Medical Aesthetics our skin care professionals proved a comprehensive skin analysis and treatment plan for you. Our medical facials incorporate cosmeceutical skin care products containing high percentages of active ingredients. Book your next facial with us today and get the glowing skin you want tomorrow.


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