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An ideal peel solution for Sensitive Skin and those who suffer from Rosacea. AFA chemical peels are quickly becoming known as "The Bride Peel". Gentle enough to give your skin that glow, the day of your Wedding!

Patented amino acids (AFA's) exfoliate while retaining the skin's moisture. These antioxidants provide a simple, non-surgical procedure that immediately creates smoother, younger looking skin after the first visit. For best results, a series of four to six treatments is typically recommended.


AFAs Have 7 Unique Advantages as Topical Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals:
1. AFAs promote greater moisture retention in human skin.
2. AFAs have 3 fold greater antioxidant potency than AHAs
3. AFAs are very effective antioxidants
4. Patients notice visible improvement quickly (often within a few days)
5. AFAs are more powerful against photo-pigmentation
6. AFAs have little irritation when compared to AHAs
7. AFAs are not photosensitizing


Starting at $70

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